The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

haha this is great with the little revolving table of weed lol! Q&A is a good time, keep this goin.. and I feel you on the old school rap. Nothing really compares to the 90s and maaaaybe early early 2000 era of hip hop.. Eminem, NaS, their new music just lacks all that creative juice that the old beats and rhymes had.

SUGGESTION FOR FUTURE EPISODE: Being that you guys are huge glass aficionados (and have probably broken your fair share of pieces like me), maybe do a review on some nice storage bags. I just saw a new company in last months issue of KUSH (vol2 issue 2). The company is called DIME BAGS ..... your micro's will thank me ;)

stay up,
What beat is playing around 7:00 - 10:00 in you're Q&A vid? I know it but cant think of the name.. sick beat and video none the less.
But yo bro, one thing you said was a tiny bit false. When people lower their temps indoor to get the purple they aren't doing anything to stress the plant, in nature the temps get cool at night and change the colours as well, also many say it brings out extra resin production/ makes the nug more dense. Many very skilled growers on this site do it and their pics are pure danky funk.

I only say this to hopefully change you're perception on why people do it, cause its for a few reasons
Oh and IMO Eminem has slacked a bit but a few of his songs are actually tight.. he tares shit up in "no love" I have to agree nothing (for the most part) is as good as it used to be though.. when people are coming up they have that burning desire to get rich and be the best.. then after a few albums they think they can just half ass it and still stay on top, and the sad thing is there a lot of people who will still buy it and like it cause they didn't grow up with the tight beats we had.
FINALY! One of you got "UH'd" (uncomfortably high).. FMK was like 'uhh uhh ummm' . lmao you guys smoke mad amounts of concentrates and I sometimes wonder how your able to function in front of the camera.

Im gona have to go with- The Tripple B, or BBB ; Blazin Bobs Bubbler, Bobylan Bobs Bubbler, Bobs Bubba Bubbler, or Bobs Bodacious Bubbler... something along those lines. Hell you could just go with - The Dragon Slayer - ! You guys are funny, keep em comin'
Haha, i do admit, i also find it extremely hard to stay focused and not ramble on camera. lol especially fresh off those full melt hits
lol keep it up bro, shits funny. i watched all of them so far, seems like you guys are deff token on some dank. sick beats too.


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Keep going strong guys!! Strong full-melt by the looks of your faces haha :).. Im just jealous..

Just toking some full-melt exodus cheese, blitzed!!
Hi my name is Jore

Do you still grow kush?....
Hey guys. Many of you know me from this forum as well as many others, Anyways, been working on a new project lately. It's my new youtube series called "The Cannabis Connoisseur Connect", but we're gonna stick to CCC or 'triple C' for short. Anyways, I will be doing weekly strain reviews as well as reviews for cannabis products, especially high end glass. I'm going to try my best to mix in some other material to keep it lively, but I'm open to any and all suggestions/concepts you guys may have for future episodes. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen...the very first episode of the Cannabis Connoisseur Connection starts NOW::cool0010: