The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

hahah i never seen bobs day off number 6 lol. i can totally relate to the f/m bro. i smoke it all day not because i have to but because im so amazing that vapor can taste so fucking good, i have to almost make sure what i just tasted was for real lol. flowers just dont compare, and whats worse is smoking f/m all day you're fucking tolerance goes through the roof lol bobs fucking funny l0l
lmao, Bob has really come into his element, WE LOVE YOU BOB! you guys keep finding ways to keep things interesting, loved the gauntlet...

Papa - I am in between homes now moving from East coast to West. When I arrive ill see if my Adobe After FX is still valid on my laptop (got it for free with a serial cracker a few years back, so it may have expired). Just so happens im a graphic designer. If the program runs ill pm you about doing your intro. Keep up the dank vidz!


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That looks tasty, rather large hits going down. Very jealous

I forgot where I found out about The CCC, but this fat joint somehow directed me back here. Really great shit, man. It just keeps getting better with every episode. Keep that shit up.
The funk you guys encounter daily is amazing, I'd give anything to be able to puff on such a wide selection of amazing strains.. This show kicks serious ass bro, I like how you take the viewers advice with some things to improve on the show. That one OG Kush song you guys made is pretty tight too. Keep it funky bro, make as many episodes as possible!
Thx fellaz, i appreciate all of the kind input/constructive feedback.
ep.26 should be put this week, sorry guys ive been busy as hell lately
ep. 26 is out!

New toro 7/13 and 5 different types of OG