The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

Gotta love bob....Sucks about his job (been an un employed civil engineering tech myself for 4 years, i know the pains of unemployment), but very cool to hear a little insight from an employee...been watching that shit on the news....messed up.....
Dope event going on in San Mateo next week guys! The Cave is putting on a show with glass blowers Darby, Merc, and possibly more next Friday, September 30th 8:00pm. It is the first event of it's kind in this area, and we're trying to put NorCal on the map in this heady glass game! Come and kick it with the CCC crew in full effect, enjoying appetizers and refreshments, a raffle contest, and free giveaways. Not to mention Darby and Merc will each be showing off their insane new work, most of which will be part of the new shipment of glass, available @ The Cave. It's going to be an awesome event, and only a little taste of what's in store for the very near future. If you're in NorCal and don't make it to this event, you're blowin it! Hope to see you all there!!


2499 South El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 349-2283
just made my fucking night! see you there!
Holy shit The Cave is absolutely amazing! Props Magweedo for the dope ass tour man. Must be a cool place to work.

Gonna have to check that place out next time I go north. Anyone know of a place even close to that dope in Socal? ALT is too far and too inland for me to go. SFV or LA area?
magweedo is a beast lol 7 dabs in a row out of diffrent pieces in 1 min id be sleeping after that ..with no coughing like a champ
What impresses me more than the sheer amount of chronic you guys smoke, is the fact that you don't burn the house down in the process.. You got torches on lock lol

Taking it to another level man, respect!
it was great meeting you at revere the other night!!

just so everyone knows... the new olympic tube is sick as shit!!! stacks like a motherfucker.
and the v3 nail is off the hook... 3 can dab at a time, just heat up and pass around, it holds the heat so well.