The Magnificent Seven

This is a story of the life and times of 7 Biker Kush. Born on 19/07/20, making their first appearance about ground on the 23/07/20.
They have been photographed in their natural environment, 1/4 litre square pots containing a lightly fertilized soil mix with added worm castings. Having spent the first 8 days under a red cfl, they relocated under a standard 2 foot long x 4 tube T5. They are closer to the T5 and less likely to stretch. These are standard Biker Kush seeds from Karma Genetics so there are no guarantees. Cannabis seeds are like a box of chocolates!
Its very unlikely all 8 of these seedlings will be females but that's not our goal here, although I do want as many "True" females as possible to work with. I plan on taking clones from "The Magnificent Seven" and the " Seven" will become several. We will see.
Here's the girls @ 9 days old.
I know there's 8!
UPDATE: Its bath day for the girls.
I believe they are 10 days above ground today and they look good. They got a quick steep in Biobizz Root Juice, 4ml per litre of water. Temp @ 75 f, humidity @ 45%. Plant zero isn't doing very much but we still have numbers 1 to 7.