The Pheno Hunt Begins Bubblelicious @ Nirvana Seeds 2017

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Well this post is more of a problem solving post rather than an update but I will post a short update at the end of the post.

The first bit of the post is all about the StarDawg. So A couple of days ago I noticed 3 different plants 1 in hempy the other 2 in pots with some yellowing on the sugar leaf. I have had a close look and I don’t think its a nutrient problem doesn’t really look like burn up close. I figured it could be a deficiency but again the plants in question look pretty healthy. Now I’m waiting on a new microscope I managed to break my old one when I wanted to use it to check these so can’t say too much about how close they are to finishing but they are around day 50 apparently finished in 57 but I planned on leaving mine till 64ish. Another thing these are all clones from the same mother so if one had a deficiency or nute problem I would have expected to see it in all of them, same thing with if its just the plant getting ready to finish I would expect them all to follow in the next day or so but so far its only affected a small proportion. Interested if anyone has any theories or knows what this is I can’t for the life or me think of what it could be, thats not to say I’m worried as the plants overall health looks good to me and they are nearing the end even if its a problem it’s way too late in the game to even attempt to fix it.

IMG 0701
IMG 0702
IMG 0704
IMG 0706
IMG 0708

So back to the Bubblelicious, they are desperate to be repotted but still waiting on dirt should be with me soon and will be repotting straight away. I switched to the GLR light schedule a couple of days ago, trying to control the growth rate as I’m running out of space real fast. Most seem real vigorous and they are fighting for space the bigger ones are pushing the smaller ones out of the way, only the strongest will survive. Like I said just a quick update but heres a few pics anyway.
IMG 0719
IMG 0718
IMG 0717
IMG 0716
IMG 0715
IMG 0714
IMG 0713
IMG 0712
IMG 0711
IMG 0710
IMG 0709


Been a real busy day so I’ll make it quick did take pics of everything after hours of cutting bottles and repotting I just didn’t have it in me. After seeing how everything is going might even flower out in these 2L bottles not sure will have to see how much space I have with the 4 big ones that have been vegging for what feels like forever. We are now switched over to the GLR using a mars hydro 300.

Anyway guys I’m done for the night so heres a few pics.

IMG 0755
IMG 0756
IMG 0757
IMG 0758


So heres a few pics of the StarDawg @ day 54 must say I think they are going pretty good considering they are only in 5L pots. Still confused why some have been affected and most haven’t but it is what it is. I know I said there was one in a hemp that was also affected but the extent seems to be just a single bud site lower down it never spread on the hemp side on the pot side its 2 or maybe 3 plants that have been effected but anyway heres a few pic. First pic is the single bud site in the hemp that was affected.
IMG 0765
IMG 0766
IMG 0767
IMG 0768
IMG 0769
IMG 0770
IMG 0772
IMG 0773
IMG 0774
IMG 0775
IMG 0777
IMG 0778
IMG 0779
IMG 0780
IMG 0781
IMG 0782
IMG 0784
IMG 0785


looking epic my friend.. hey can we see a picture of #20, and @24. they were my pics for being good plants.. wondering if im correct. heh



Since I am all caught up with the Bubblelicious & StarDawg figured might as well take a few pics of my 4 big girls which have been vegging for what seem like forever. Their conditions have been shitty at times and I had to borrow one of the LED’s for the Bubblelicious so growth is slow but thats fine still got a few weeks before I can switch them to flower. Still not sure if I will be flowering out the Bubblelicious at the same time it all depends on space once the StarDawg is down. Anyway heres a few pics.

IMG 0790
IMG 0791
IMG 0793
IMG 0794
IMG 0796
IMG 0797
IMG 0798
IMG 0799


Now these where mothers that I have been keeping the StarDawg in the 5L pot I will be keeping I think but the other 4 are going to be used with some pollen from any male Bubblelicious I find to makes some seeds. This will be my first time making seeds so if anyone has any advice be sure to let me know.
IMG 0800
IMG 0801
IMG 0802
IMG 0803
IMG 0804
IMG 0805
IMG 0806
IMG 0807
IMG 0808
IMG 0809


looking epic my friend.. hey can we see a picture of #20, and @24. they were my pics for being good plants.. wondering if im correct. heh

Sure dude here you go so far I think my favorite is #06 but I have quite a few that are looking good and until we know which ones are males they are all in with a shot.
IMG 0810


Big update guys everything seems to be getting a bit too big my StarDawg has ran over an is going to take 70ish days was only planning for 63ish. Its all leaning should make it just fine to day 70 or at least I hope it will knew I should have made a damn net. Here's a few pics @ day 62.
StarDawg Day62 01
StarDawg Day62 02
StarDawg Day62 03
StarDawg Day62 04
StarDawg Day62 05
StarDawg Day62 06
StarDawg Day62 07
StarDawg Day62 08
StarDawg Day62 09
StarDawg Day62 10
StarDawg Day62 11
StarDawg Day62 12

Candy Kush is day 30 and now supporting some of the weight of the StarDawg.
Candy Kush Auto Day30 01
Candy Kush Auto Day30 02

As it is I’m running out of space so in a desperate attempt to slow everything down all the Bubblelicious is getting stripped and taking a single clone from each one. I did strip a few before I took any pictures (well before I decided what I was going to do with them all lol). And below are just my notes on each one + quick pic. So they have been stripped up to between the 3rd and 5th node and then topped, I know it looks brutal and will take a couple of weeks to come back to life but I need them to stay vegging for the time being so it works for me.

Group Shot Before
Group shot before 01
Group shot before 02

Does have a smell not what I would call bubblegum , average root system, average hight. average stem thickness

Smells not very strong, average/good root system, above average height, thick stem, think it got a bit bent up when moving them all around but not to worry once the top has been taken they should all be similar height once again.

No smell, poor root system, poor height, skinny stem,
Overall not very impress with this one so no clone has been taken besides it was already too small if I took a clone it would never have caught up but based on vigour I only want to keep the best ones and will be eliminating various plant throughout veg. All of them will get flowered but if I can see it isn’t doing to well I am not going to keep a clone if I make a mistake I can always reveg if I find something interesting and didn’t take a clone.

Nice sweet smell not quite bubblegum just yet though, excellent root system, above average height, very thick stem


Smell quite strong quite sweet, excellent root system, above average height, nice thick stem

very strong sweet smell, average/good root system, above average height, thick stem red/pick/purple markings on stem

no smell, poor root system hope it can catch up later on, below average height, skinny stem, no cutting taken as it was too small

this is average all round smell roots height all average clone still taken just incase

another average plant all-round its just average clone still taken just incase, scratch that looks like I might have got a bit over zealous with the razor not sure if this one will recover very little left on it but we will see.

nice smell something a bit different about this one but still sweet, good root system, above average height, nice thick stem, extensive side branching

overall just average slight smell, poor/average roots average height, average stem thickness clone taken

I’m amazed its still alive lol nothing much to say about this one

#13 NO PIC
below average no cut taken

#14 NO PIC
average height average roots slightly above average stem the thing that got me with this one is the smell its so sweet it almost smells like bubblegum but not quite clone taken
might have taken too much but i have a clone and thats what matters today and getting them to a more manageable size

average sweet smell, roots are above average height is above average and stem is nice and thick clone taken

#16 NO PIC
average sweet smell, very good root system, above average height, very thick stem, clone taken

#17 NO PIC
above average smell , great roots, above average height, very thick stem , clone taken

sweet smell, great roots, above average height, nice thick stem , clone taken

sweet smell, great roots 2nd tallest, thick stem, and extensive side branching clone taken

#20 NO PIC
average smell, average roots, below average height thick stem no side branching clone taken

nice sweet smell., good roots, average height, thick stem, clone taken

nice sweet smell average roots average height average/thick stem clone taken

nice sweet smell good roots above average height nice thick stem clone taken

nice sweet smell average roots above average height nice thick stem clone taken

nice sweet smell good roots above average height very thick stem clone taken

real sweet smell excellent roots biggest plant out of them all real thick stem clone taken

nice sweet smell good roots above average height nice thick stem clone taken

nice sweet smell average roots average height nice thick stem clone taken

nice sweet smell good roots above average height nice thick stem clone taken


nice sweet smell great roots above average height nice thick stem clone taken

Group Shot After
Group shot after 01
Group shot after 02


wow hat is a lot of plants.. heh good luck.

sounds like you have a possible few bubble gums?

i have one seedling smelling like fruit punch, while the others are either sweet mint, mint funk, jalapeno an a odd ball.. fruit punch critical kush.. sounds tasty even tho im not much for sweets. heh.


Bro, Please for the love of the universe stop hacking away at your growing buds. You are only killing your yield and opening your plants up to molds fungus and diseases. Also, when you take clones it's a good ideas to leas some foliage on them otherwise they have no extra food to create new roots. All of those leaves that you removed are stored food supply that they no longer have. My guess is they are probably dead or in horrible shape at the moment. You want to eliminate some foliage when you take clones but the fan leaves are what you want to leave.

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