These girls need HELP

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Hello everyone.

This is going to be a little lengthy but I appreciate anyone who can help me. I am growing these seven Nanaz in a 4x4 tent in my basement. Just a week ago, these girls had green stems, healthy green leaves, and were killing it.

Now, I have dark purple stems, light green leaves with all kinds of issues going on. I have listed everything I am using below as well as photos for reference. I know my lights are not the best, but I have used them for a while and have had great runs with them.

I am not an expert by far but I am not brand new either. I have grown in coco a lot, I have grown a lot of different strains, I keep moms of my favorites, I have been very successful up until I moved everything into this basement. Growing is my passion and to have such backwards progress is a real kick in the nads and it’s driving me insane. Please anyone who can help me get my growing back on track, words couldn’t express how grateful I would be.

RO water, all measurements per gallon
4ml calmag
2.5 g V1
2.5 g V2. This brings my EC to roughly 1.6-1.7. I have grown this exact cut with 3.0 EC without problems before.
2 Meijiu 240w quantum board LED. I had them dimmed to about 70% @ 24” but just lowered that to 50%
Temp stays between 77-78 F consistently
RH is 50%
These girls need help

I hand water with a little bit of runoff, to test my dry back I pick each pot up. If I can provide anymore information please let me know.
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