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A Canadian man named BudderKing has gone public with a bold claim: he says he has created a new, powerful and safe solvent-extract cannabis product.

"I make something called 'Budder,' and it's the strongest, cleanest, stoniest stuff in the world," BudderKing proclaimed when I met him at Da Kine cannabis caf? in Vancouver. "It's virtually all THC. There's nothing better than Budder."

BudderKing isn't the only person who claims to have created a uniquely potent new cannabis product. Tens of thousands of people manufacture solvent-extract cannabis products. Somewhere on earth, there could be a cannabis product that is stronger and purer than Budder. Still, people like Cannabis Culture editor Dana Larsen, who has sampled some of the best cannabis extracts from around the world, say Budder ranks at the top of the list.

"BudderKing gave me two hits at the 'Beyond Prohibition' conference in Vancouver, using his propane torch and hot knife in the parking lot on the hood of his car," Larsen recalls. "It hit me real hard. It was the among the very highest pot highs I've ever had. It was very clean, but I also almost felt like I was on a psychedelic."

In the Vancouver cannabis scene, quality imported and domestic hashish, waterhash, bubblehash, kif, and solvent-extracted products are always available, but Budder is causing a stir because of its appearance, taste, potency and superb high. The word on the street is that Budder is more potent than any other cannabis product.

According to Dr Paul Hornby, a chemist and plant analyst who runs a company ( that tests cannabis products for purity and potency, "Budder is the cleanest, most potent cannabis product I've ever tested."

Marijuana contains various cannabinoids, Hornby explains, with THC usually predominant. Hemp has barely a percent or two of THC. The best dried marijuana bud generally maxes out at about 27% THC. Sieved hashish averages about 45% THC. Bubblehash averages about 53% THC. Solvent-extracted products usually have more THC than bud, water hash or sieved hash, but none have tested as high as Budder, and Hornby says Budder is further distinguished because it does not contain any heavy metals, radioactivity, or other markers associated with inferior fertilizers used on source bud.

"The top Budder sample was 99.6% pure," Hornby explained, "which means if you had an ounce of it, only a tiny fraction of a gram would be anything other than cannabinoids. We also tested Budder for toxins, solvents, molds, diseases, heavy metals and other contaminants. There were none. It's essentially just pure cannabinoids. I've tested a lot of cannabis materials, but this is the most impressive."

Hornby's tests also found Budder contains 80 to 90% of its cannabinoids as THC. It contains much smaller percentages of two other cannabinoids: cannabidiol and cannabinol. Of these two, cannabidiol (CBD) is most important because it has medicinal effects and moderates the stimulative effects of THC.

After Hornby's Budder tests became public, some water-extract enthusiasts challenged his results, asserting that Hornby's test equipment, expertise, and objectivity are flawed.

"They don't know what they're talking about," Hornby said of his critics. "I've done test trials with other labs to check my results and calibrations, and my lab is spot on with other labs, including one of the biggest in the US. I test all kinds of plant products and provide specialized services that are respected by experts in industry, science and medicine."

Budder churning

Cannabinoids are tricky substances. In the cannabis plant, they exist in an "acid" form that has no effect on humans.

Internally, the plant uses one cannabinoid as a precursor to another. Externally, cannabinoids altered by temperature, light or other factors can molecularly mutate into different, possibly more or less effective cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids have to be heated or otherwise altered so they will produce psychoactive effects in humans. Depending on how plants are processed and ingested, individual cannabinoids can exist in different chemical forms, and can interact with each other to produce a wide range of effects.

Solvent extraction involves combining cannabis with alcohol, ethanol, acetone, chloroform, butane or other solvents that extract cannabinoids and other byproducts from raw marijuana. Then, the solvent, byproducts and cannabinoids are separated and further manipulated. The goal is to create a finished material that only contains essential cannabinoids, especially THC.

The processing of cannabis into concentrate often involves multiple steps, but at minimum the manufacturer must use temperature controls and/or "wash" the cannabinoid-solvent mixture to remove solvent and other impurities. Products containing traces of solvent cause negative health effects, and can be detected by testing, taste, and odor. The degree to which solvents are absent is a key factor in judging the quality of a cannabis extract.

The details of solvent extraction are voluminous and complex. The process usually involves heat, volatile chemicals, lab equipment, meticulous record keeping, safety vigilance, and patience. Careless or inexperienced experimenters have been injured or killed when their labs blew up or caught fire.

BudderKing says Budder is the result of a decade of research that began with the making of liquid cannabis honey oil. Later in the 1990's, he and his colleagues in Surrey, British Columbia (near Vancouver), carried honey oil manufacturing to new heights, eventually creating a product called "Glass."

"It was refined oil made with a multi-step alcohol process," BudderKing explains. "Then we took it further, and it hardened into something that looked and felt like amber. We liked it because it was very strong and easier to smoke than oil."

BudderKing continued to experiment with Glass and other extracts, seeking to make a purer, tastier product.

"It was hard work, trial and error, a lucky fluke that we discovered the Budder process," he said. "We found this way that made a crude kind of Budder, then we worked it, tooled it, baked it, over and over, until we had what we wanted."

The Budder process starts with choice varieties of marijuana specially bred by BudderKing. He uses Advanced Nutrients products to grow his crop; he avoids using insecticides, fungicides and herbicides because their residue could affect Budder's taste and quality.

"You only make Budder from kif, hash, or high-crystal organic buds like what we have bred," BudderKing said. "The bud has to be literally covered in crystal on top of crystal. Our favorite strain is a dark, short plant, almost purple, that comes from a Berry variety mixed with some Bubblegum and White Widow. Budder is strain-specific and base material specific. You can taste different strains of Budder, kind of like how you can taste in honey what flowers the bees used to make the honey."

Water-extracted hashish existed before Bubbleman began marketing bubblebags, but most people credit Bubbleman with popularizing bubblehash and bubblebags.

The same kind of buzz is happening around BudderKing. Although hashish oils and other concentrates have existed for many years, nobody has been willing to publicly promote a solvent-extracted cannabis product. Until now.

When BudderKing first granted me an interview, he offered to have his face on the cover of Cannabis Culture, along with a huge plate of Budder. He says he's on a mission to "spread the Budder high across the world."

The high is uplifting and unique, he says, because Budder contains such a huge percentage of THC, and because a hit of Budder contains only pure cannabinoid vapor instead of the harmful byproducts of combustible materials found in a hit of regular marijuana or hashish. Indeed, when pot smokers inhale burned marijuana, part of the "high" they feel is actually not a high at all ? it's a set of unpleasant toxic effects produced by inhaling burned plant material along with cannabinoids.

"I didn't create Budder so I could make money; I created it so people could inhale pure cannabinoids," BudderKing explains. "I see Budder as a spiritual THC high and a harm reduction method. One Budder hit gives you two joints worth of cannabinoids all at once, and it's kind to your lungs."

BudderKing has been a marijuana cultivator for many years. He's fought police and prosecutors. He's lost tons of money and peace of mind because of his involvement with marijuana. Now that he is debuting Budder, he is finding that the marijuana industry can be vicious and overcompetitive.

"We've had people who have never seen Budder try to slag us on the Internet," he says. "People trying to guess how we make it. Some people who know us and who think they know how to make it are threatening to pirate our formula. People saying there's no way we've created something unique. But nobody else has the genetics we have, and nobody else has the process we have. When we meet people from around the world who are trying Budder for the first time, they all have the same reaction: 'This is the strongest. It tastes so good. I'm so high. I've never had anything like it!'"

Top of the mountain

After BudderKing saw test results indicating he'd created the purest cannabinoid product on earth, he set out to create a way for people to easily use the gooey stuff. Most people use Budder by placing a miniscule amount of it on a knife heated by a propane torch or stove, but this method is cumbersome and sometimes impractical.

BudderKing created a small hand-held butane-fueled device that heats up a tiny, attached surface on which Budder is placed and inhaled. This device will soon be commercially available.

BudderKing is also determined to make Budder on other continents. He wants it in Dutch coffeeshops. It's hard to make, he says: it takes an ounce of prime buds to make about three grams of prime Budder. Three grams of Budder provides about 100 hits, and each hit will get you as high as if you had just smoked a joint or two.

At Da Kine cannabis caf? in Vancouver, currently the only place Budder is commercially available, weed customers quickly switch over to Budder when they hear about it from Da Kine's staff.

"Budder makes more sense," says Carol Da Kine. "You inhale one tiny hoot of Budder and get super high without any the harmful byproducts of smoking a joint."

I met Da Kine customers who traveled to Vancouver because they read about Budder on the Cannabis Culture website. An electrical engineer named Jim, from Raleigh, North Carolina, agreed with other customers about Budder.

"I've never felt anything so nice," he said. "It put a big smile on my face, so I came back today. This is one experience you can't find anywhere else."


PS thats off CC's website im not sure how to make that all a quote


lol, it was a canadian who wrote it, the amount that they say you need to get high would not even get a mouse high, budder is basically honey oil that has been whipped so air has been added to it, like ice cream, you get your normal ice cream and you get your whipped ice cream, its the same with the budder, dont beleive the hype, 1 hit will get you high for hours, a pin heads worth, roflmfao.


CC mag is sketch....a buddy of myne met the owner and asked him at a local activism social what he does when he runs out of specific seeds to distribute.... he said he throws random seeds in a breeder pack and sends them out...... anyone heard of this happening??? im mind boggled that this person would do this....i dont think his company is in order right now due to some extradition thing..... can anyone confirm or deny this accusation claim from my almost heart broken lol


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Yeah I call bs on that also,high for hours off a pinhead size hit mabey if you smoke swag everyday. All 73 grade bubble made from quality herb is that good throw a qp of sick bud in your bubble bag instead of the garbage that usually goes in there. And how does bubble not be the purest form of hash its made from ro water and ice.

Thick Smoke

pigfarmer-the guy a couple posts above me said it. all it is, is butane oil whipped while it is in the purging process. ya can see plenty of it in hashmasta kuts gallery on icmag. same as the glass/amber.

i have made plenty of bubblehash over the years and honey oil. i have to say in my opinion honey oil is stronger then bubble.

yes i have used top quality buds for both processes, and think butane oil takes the cake. i also prefer the glass/amber effect to the whipped budder version.

whoever wrote that is BLITHERING IDIOT cause aint none of that info new.
(i am not talking about wpg, cause i believe he copied and pasted the info)

somebody on this forum stated that dr. hornby can grow plants that are 100% thc or 100% cannabinoid of choice. i didnt believe that either.

truth is this guy didnt invent budder, snodgrass didnt invent colorchanging pipes. wont get into the bubbleman thing. and i didnt invent the color blue.

i do believe bubblehash is the purest form of hash, however i think honey oil is more potent. reason being is that bubblehash just removes trichs. butane is a solvent and removes a lil more than just trichs. i have smoke weed that had no trichs and still got high so obviously not all the good stuff is in the just the trichs.

so i am really high and going to go smoke some more, yall have a merry christmas, haunakkah or kwanzza or whatever ya may be celebrating.

Donk Frog

Yeah I call bs on that also,high for hours off a pinhead size hit mabey if you smoke swag everyday.

No they mean it man:rock, if you get the real thing:cool which I only managed to grab a few times (8):brokenheart, at the time I was smokin kick ass strains all day, and good bubble hash, I took a small blob more than a pin head (about the size of good hash bot) I was fucked to the point where it was almost like shrooms bordeline psycodelic:surprised, when I have budder I will not smoke anythong else till it is gone, as after you smoke it nothing esle get you high, and when you run out you have to wait a while for your tolerance to go down before even good bubble or oil will get you a good buzz....Budder is $100 a gram to $950 for a half, some batches were slighty weaker than others so I am rating the best the weakest was like bomb ass bubble, this stuff is so hard to work with it has to be kept on wax paper in the freezer cause at room temp it is like ...well soft butter.:giggle.........starting to jones already


Ill get the delta 9 lab guys to make a post, they have some sick budder at last years cup :)

Stackin Paper

Hashbean has a vid on him making it on youtube, just looks like he's whipping up oil with a lil added heat from underneath til it turns white.


buddah is basically dried up honey oil, ive smoked sum 4 years ago from sum online vendor buds4u or sumthing and his version was extremley shit. I tried sum of ojd's whipped sssdh honey oil and it was the tastiest oil ive ever had and smelled like coca cola cubes.

Thick Smoke

i aint never made budder for a lady, but certainly alot of cream or mayonaise.


i aint saying budder aint wicked potent, cause it is!!!
i just think the amber/glass like shit is easier to deal with and looks alot cooler. a true hippycrack lol


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Trust me Thick , it took me along time to whip it:giggle
Big Buddy

Big Buddy

Hey guys, Dana happens to be a friend ofmine. He was hanging out here in september when he did his presentation for the Philosophy department at MUN. When he got here he had a full sheet of wax paper filled with Budder straight from the budder king. I have to say, it was very nice indeed, but for those who know how to make very high grade bubble, you wont be as pleased as you think. Dana and I sat down the first noght and smoked about 7 grams of budder, like a quarter of og kush x blue sat, and 1 g of 90 micron lemon larry hash, and of the extracts we smoked, the hash won by far for potency and taste. That being sai, you only smoke little smal hits of budder at a time to fill the bong. It doesnt burn, just melts, so if you try this stuff, lay it on the side of your bowl, and tilt the bong, it will run straight through the stem no matter what you put in fron tof it, or go the old crack head way and do it off some ash, which even if it sounds egotistical, just sounds way to bottom rung for me, already smoked the ash, no need to do it again,
But ya, its very nice smoke, and if you can try it for sure, but the bubble is still king for me.

Oh, and if you put it on wax paper, dont store it in your wallet and sit on it all day like Dana did, it gets a touch runny, thank fuck not for the potentially funnier reason though.
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