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I built a 4x8, running two 1000w HIDs vented well, and air conditioned. I will run 6 plants in it on a fallponics hydro system using 3 inch drain lines and around 60 gallons of water circulating. This room will be my 12/12 flower room.

I am tearing out my rdwc and deleting my dwc from my 2x4 tent. I was running three plants full grow in it, yet now i have another room.

My plan is turn the 2x4 into a 6 plant veg room.

I am going to use a 2x4 plastic tote and cut 6 holes in the top for my netpots. I will have it setup as a fall ponics recirculating tote, with no res, just a sight gauge and water testing port. The pump will suck out of the middle of the tote, bottom that is. I will then run a splitter from the pump up inside the tote and have 3 different waterfall spots, one on each end, and one in the middle. I will also have 6 air stones in there, one directly under the root mass of each plant, with low flow. The pump will be low flow too. I do not want to damage or irritate the roots, my only goal is to recirc the nutrients and avoid pockets of still water.

This system will be far easier to light proof, but im going to have a hard time chilling the water. The air pump will be feeding the water 65 degree air at all times, even during the night time, max temps in both tents will be 76. . .with low temp and average night temp of 65 for lights off. It has to be 65 due to the flower room needing 65 input during lights on to stay at 76. Its just a vented window unit, so im not to familiar with sensors. If find it easier to just do this than try to regulate night temps. I guess I could put it on a timer, yet I would need two, one for the veg tent, and one for the flower tent.

Regardless my goal is to do 1.5 month veg, and 1.5 month harvest. Each plant will have a little over a foot grow room in the veg room, and then a little over 2 foot grow room in the flower room.

My plan is to grow them tall, not wide, keep cutting all lower growth off. Train around 8 to 10 colas per plant. Then once its been 1.5 months from seed, ill transplant them to the 4x8 and start 6 more in the veg. This should keep me on 4 month grow cycle. Id like to cut it down to 3 months, but my plants took near 2 months to finish flowering. I dont really wanna wait to start veggin 6 more, . . anyways...

when i put them in the flower room, i want to super crop all 8 to 10 colas, top each one, and scrog the entire room. That should flatten them out to the 2 foot area allowing them to fill it and grow up higher.

thoughts and concerns?
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