Thundurkel? ThunderKid? Maybe... The f#@k is up yall!

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Some may remember me from "ThunderKids Geo Pots & 1200 Watts" well my life straight fell apart after that run n I never really got to grow again. So like all these years later I grew up, got my own place deciding to get up and running again!Got a 2x4 Spider Farmer tent and SF2000 showing up soon! These girls were mistreated by yours truly first 2 weeks n I'm pulling em out of that now. It's like I know better, but my dumb ass puts em outside, after not being fed for a week n just getting tap water smfh. Then my dumb ass says fuck it I'm going outside keep it simple. Shocked the FUCK out of em ya know cuz I like to do shit the hard way! Also forgot Cal Mag like WTF!!! So it's been about a week they been inside under this feit led grow bulb. But yea they're coming back, this Ice Cream Cake is my favorite bitch at the moment. I'm running, Ice Cream Cake, Wonka Bars and Peanut Butter Breath. Got Barney's Banna Punch and Watermelon Zkittlez cuts coming my way. So yea some may remember me some may not feel free to search my grows on here, ICMag and Breedbay I'm not new to this and excited to fuck around with these genetics! Oh yea also got some Apricot Gelato and Marshmellow OG coming. BTW HIGH! NICE TO MEET YALL!!!
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