Tired of trainwrecking other peoples threads? Well then, come party at the captains! Trainwreck this thread with…….trains? Anything goes here……….

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What’s the matter? Don’t like clowns? 🤡
ill give you a solid Woot 🤙

If remembering seeing what's happenin on a CRT with tubes in it makes you old, then i guess tree-bee did have a flawless victory afterall.

I had an uncle with an old tv, and soooooo many self-taped sitcoms it was insane. And if he had to watch us, those tapes were the entertainment lol. Was still around 30 years ago either way. I probably still have a lot of 1970s tv commercials memorized.
I got one for ya, bet they woulda thought this out differently if the would have just nah.
It’s perfect

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