TK Runnin soil...WTF???

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Texas Kid

Texas Kid

Some guy with a light
Here is one of Dagga's demon spawn called Steele Pulse..this one is turnin into a monster..

Three weeks in flower...nuts!!!



Did wanna come back and say those plants look great!. I love the organics thing cause once you get it dialed in it's basically just add water...and IMO/E you can not beat the smoke quality from soil grown TRUE organic matter how long or hard you flush girls that were fed salts along the way. First time I tried organics...cut down some pretty green girls and smoked sweeter and smoother than any salt fed stuff regardless of flush time. I like the doobie test...roll fattie and when down to 1/3 I notice either the harshess kicks in to a new level (or was not really there before) or the flavor and potency goes into overdrive (organics).

Bottle fed organic stuff with all those fulvic and humic acids can't hide in a doobie test.


looks good bra!!!
take that steel pulse to 70 for the "grab you by the nuts" kinda high!!


WTF. The original Water Baby going soil. Heresy!! LOL
Seriously tho, glad to see Sub's soil mix working out for ya. The plants are looking kick azz!!
Bet the landlord did have a bit of a stroke to see his carpet pulled, hehe...It was just in the way man!'''''''


I had some Sweet Tangerine from the club awhile back. I never heard of it before and I wanted to try something new, it definitely impressed me. Some of the best bud I've tried in years.

Sub's Mix is the shit, I used a modified version of it.


Beautiful plants TK. I've been using LC's mix with all dry amendments for the past couple of grows with great success. Nothing like plain water maintenance with some tea mixed in. It doesn't get much easier than this!


yea cant wait to fix this mess i've made when i move outta this spot, im sure the landlord will love the brand new carpets, maybe that will make up for all the closet doors I chucked



What made you go after Subs soil recipe? I've been running some of his gear and his soil recipe looks killer.

I'm outdoor only and a little leary about the blood meal, bone meal, etc., because the animals will dig up the plant to get to the source of the goodies.

BTW, the M39 you run. I ran that back in 1988. From the seed bank. First seed purchase. Amazing stuff. Big yellow, amber buds. Friends thought it was too Is this the same?

I enjoy reading about your grows.


I use soil for moms, FFOF, but my last batch had fungus gnats in it so I'm gonna try roots organic or sunshine #4. Thank god for the no pest strips I would've been in trouble.

still smokin

absolutely grey the no pest strips got rid of my nats over night . the stuff is the bomb. and very sweet line up you got there tk.
Texas Kid

Texas Kid

Some guy with a light
I changed to soil for a couple of reasons:

Ease of mantainence is the big one, I do not do anything but ph correct my water to 6.5 and top nutes, just water. I am actually boxing up my thouands and thousands of dollars worth of nutes right now..I love doin all the work on the front end..

Easier on bigger plant counts and especially multi strain, all the plants look killer, healthy, robust, and happy. I was keepin up with (6) 70+ gallon reservoirs before, all with a slightly different setup on nutes and flood schedules..this way is way simple in comparrison.

I can hand the plants off to patients and they can take them and flower them with no hicup or shock or anything. It is very difficult to hand off a hydro plant to someone with little or no experience growing..just add plain water and light seems to work real easy.

100% organic, not a variation, not some in organic materials or nothing, just full on, no questions asked organic love, in a med state organic is king for the med pateints and despensaries...

I live in Ag country so a bunch of dirt and organic ammendments just blend right in out here..

Runnin hydro by the numbers was something I loved when I was younger and it was just me blowing out closets and rooms...success was based on how well you rode the numbers, adjusted, tweaked...kind of a young hard dick approach to it...Now I am more into the energy, the spirit, and love of actually growin the plant, not pumpin her up on roids and see what she'll do if i make her..I like the plant showin me what she'll do not makin her do what i want..I swear it is a completely different mindset for me.

Don't get me wrong, i will still rock a hydro table with the quickness but i don't get the same satisfaction or the same food for the soul that i am getting with dirt right now..


"Come back to the dark side my son" lolol. Nice thread and grow like always. I'm digging the soil myself. Finally got my plants under control and figured out what was going wrong with them. The only reason I don't use it here at my location for everything. Don't want people see me going in and out with bags and bags of soil.

When I move this summer or fall. I'm planning on doing like you. Moving over to soil and also growing outdoors. Very nice thread and thanks for all the help with my soil problems TK. You surely are a great growing and friend. You take care and nice to see you.
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