To get my mind off this CV shit, Grow...!

GSC, GG#1, Forest Fire, Grease Monkey, Gelato, Pie Hoe & GASS (Grape Ape x Sunset Sherbert).

My mind has been going a bit nuts lately so i thought id pop some of my favorites this year. Some are bag seeds, Pie Hoe seed was a light brown so will see, same with Gelato, Forest Fire & Grease Monkey are also bag seed. GSC, GG#1 & Grape Ape are from Aurora. I crossed the grape with the sunset. These popped up on Monday so we are 50/50 so far 2 GSC, 1 GG#1, 2 Forest Fires. Fingers crossed on the Grease Monkey, that was some fire for sure. Will post when i can.
Personally wouldn’t have it next to the plants that’s drawing the flys to your grow

I’d have it at the door or near the windows