Tomato leafs, curling.

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Hey y'all, my tomato plants have some leafs that do I describe this...."boating"? The edges of the leafs are curling up and in, making them look like little boats. Sorry no camera, no pics.

Anyone have any ideas as to what causes this?


maybe too much nutes??ph problem??...i'd say flush it..i love growin more than just ganja

stay green


Sorry, I'm still a bit of a noob. Flushing is just saturating the soil with water till it runs out the bottom right?

in the air

Flushing is just saturating the soil with water till it runs out the bottom right?

when you flush you use about 2 to 3 times the amount of water to soil you have in a pot. if you have 3 gallon pot you need about 9 gallons of water to flush properly. when you do this is because you over feed or have to much salt buid up from over feeding or bad water or things like that. maybe to correct ph from these problems.

is your plants looking yellow or burned or is it just the leaves curling some? is this old leaves or new leaves?




...they sound like they're thirsty. :damnhippie:
Chack for hornworms too! Damn things are pretty but they ate the shit out of my Beefsteak foliage. Then what was left curled until I watered. I plucked many worms off and then I used some spinosad from Home Depot ($5). Now things are looking nice. Good luck.:damnhippie:


I see no discoloration, only curling. It only seems to be happening to the lower leafs. I have been using straight tap water on them, maybe its the PH in the water?
I flushed them yesterday, so far no change. I have not been using any nutes on em, just topsoil. I'm gonna start using rain water like I use for my Cannabis, Hopefully its just a Water PH prob.


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Hello Stoned Owl! I'm sorry to hear about your issues with the plants. Maybe I can help! I've been growing all things for many many years.

Some leaf curl is common. Almost all hybrids have leaves that curl, so do some heirlooms. Leaves also can curl if it is too hot, cold, dry, wet or there is a heavy fruit set .

Leaf curl is to be distinguished from leaf roll, a common condition seen early in the season when root and foliage ratios, root and ph problems, root bound, and root rot start to occur. As the plants mature sometimes this goes away. Sometimes it could also be pest that are sucking them dry and making the leaves roll.

This is what I would do! I would start with the growing medium, are you root bound? Containers or in ground? Not root bound, I would get some "Black Kow", it comes in a yellow bag at Lowe's or H.D., not too sure where you are located.
Throw several cups of it at the base of your plants. It seems to always fix any issues I have with nuts, normalizes things.. Black Kow is amazing!! You can actually cut a hole in the bag,cut water drainage holes in it, throw a plant in it and it will grow great!! Try it!!! Now water BlackKow and go to your plants. I would purchase a 3 in 1 spray for your plants. I use GardenSafe, it contains a fungicide, miticide, and insecticide. Good stuff! Spray them down and make sure you get the underside, very important.

Try this and hopefully it will help!! Here are some pics of plants. I have from many citrus trees, tomatoes to watermelon all being grown with BlackKow and garden soil. I only sprayed them once when they came up from seed to prevent any bugs or issues from arising.


in some instantces the "boating" is caused by the plant getting to hot or too much sunlight...something giving them partial shade mayhelp...peace az


Hey thanks for the info guys, I repotted them into much larger containers and gave them bags and bags of the best soil I could find at lowes. That was about a week ago. most of the plants look perfectly normal now and in fact after using some Blast Off 0-0.1-0.1 they are thriving. They are the biggest tomato plants I have ever grown. I wish I had a camera to show y’all.

Only one of the plants still has some curl on one of its branches. So I’ll call that a victory.

And nice garden Tex, hope I can get something like that going soon. I wanna be a all around gardener, not just a THCfarmer. :cool
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