Too Low For Coco Growing? Can I Just Add Salts To Improve?

hi, I can only find a hydro nutrient with this:

N 180 ppm
P 75
K 210
Ca 120
Mg 40
S 80
Fe 4
B 0.5
Cu 0.04
Zn 0.18
Mn 0.6
Mo 0.02

Couldn't find the sources, but i was told i could use it in coco no problem, and it is marketed here as a hydro nute. it has instructions of 2.5 cc/l first weeks, 5 cc/l after that.

Comparing to other profiles, I feel i should increase the ppms of some elements there, right?
If i should, could i do it with salts regarless of not knowing what sources are used in these nutes?

Thanks for any input.
^ agreed

Half stengeth and never flush With only water till end Inless salt fuck-up which should never happen if your doing 10-15% runoff but some plants dominatly use more magnusum (OG’S , sour d and a lot of strains mag monsters anything ran under led’s Also)

Don’t depend on a nute’s companies Graph always (I see so many companies have crazy high ppm levels and would never in logic work in even the heaviest strains, greeed!), watch your plants and do your homework on what the deficiencies look like and you will save yourself so much voodoo and mystery every time , probably nutrients too and you can put your cash towards other shit.
Keep in mind that salts are usually just water soluble forms of the standard nutrients. If the Ph gets too alkaline/High, the salts turn into their "freebase" form and will no longer dissolve in water until the ph comes back down. Loading up on salts and suddenly reaching the ph barrier can cause the salts to come out of their in-soluble form and burn the plants. This causes all kinds of problems because you are chasing chemical levels which can change rapidly due to ph changes. I try to go easy on most fertilizers until I have the ph where it should be, avoiding the ph chase.
thanks for the replies! now i have a few questions regarding these nutes:

they come in two bottles. instructions just mention how to prepare the solution of each bottle, but doesn't mention which to feed first,or if they can be mixed or what... so, should I prepare the two separate solutions and feed one after the other? which would go first (bottle 1 or 2) or... can i mix them? It doesnt seem to be a normal part A +b nute does it? How would you feed these nutes?

bottle 1 contains: N-P-K-Ca-Mg
bottle 2 contains: S-Fe-Cu-Zn-Mn-Mo-B