Tornado, Heavy Winds... trellis them good.

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Two weeks ago we had 4 tornados in our area (reported 80 mph winds). One went right over my property (that was a trip). It did not land on us, but right over the fricking house. Huge Oak trees and large Maples down. I have been diligent about putting trellises up. Bamboo, green plastic stakes, T-stakes and netting etc... Made it through the tornado. Then I was out of town for 4 days. Wife said we had some heavy duty wind storms with heavy rains while I was gone, she looked after them. Got through that too.
So, today we get hit with an afternoon storm out of the blue. The wind was pounding them pretty good as I watched from the covered porch. Afterwards I inspected. One main trunk split pretty bad. Taped and staked it up pretty good. Two other plants have beefy branches broken near the bottoms. Raised them back up, taped and tied them off and put stake supports under them. Fingers crossed.

Lesson learned... The one that has the split trunk is one of my shorter plants and I did not put the third layer of trellis up yet. Procrastinated. But, not to bad for 12 plants.

If your growing outdoor, trellis them up good. Don't put it off.

Just hoping they don't stress to much and start growing a set of Nuts. I am 10 days into flower.


Caught hail here today. Plants got beat on pretty good.
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