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Greetings, fellow cannabis enthusiasts!

I've had the pleasure of exploring a myriad of innovative products in the cannabis industry, but it's not every day that one encounters a game-changer. The traditional curing method we've all been accustomed to, known for its 'burping' method, is ripe for improvement, considering its limitations in efficiency and convenience.

Now, imagine a solution that redefines the curing process. That's where TerpLoc steps in. This game-changing product has piqued my interest due to its refined approach to cannabis preservation. TerpLoc isn't only user-friendly; it's also cost-effective considering the array of benefits it provides. Say goodbye to cumbersome curing routines; TerpLoc simplifies the journey towards an impeccable cannabis experience. And here's an offer for you: make any purchase from my shop, and I'll include two complimentary TerpLoc® bags customized with the Cannabis Growers Handbook design!

Let’s take a closer look at what makes TerpLoc a standout phenomenon.

Curing is a crucial phase, often misunderstood or neglected, yet it's what turns your cannabis from average to exceptional. This process evens out internal moisture and lets the terpene profile flourish.

In the past, and still for some, curing meant constantly tending to jars, 'burping' lids to facilitate gas and moisture exchange. This traditional method is fraught with risk: from microbe invasion to terpene loss, from trichome damage to the mere guesswork of maintaining an optimal gas balance without additional monitoring.

Enter Grove Bags. Designed for cannabis-specific needs, these bags consist of a composite of several high-threshold films that possess crucial permeability for creating a pristine, stable curing environment.

Image 31

Grove Bags actively balance gasses and moisture through the films, crafting the perfect mold-resistant space to preserve weight, texture, and potency. TerpLoc®, the material used in these bags, negates the necessity of 'burping,' streamlining the curing process by leveraging passive technology that avoids any complex add-ons.

Once your buds reach an ideal 10-12% moisture content post-drying, transition them to a Grove Bag to foster a controlled microclimate, achieving 58-62% relative humidity within. There's no need for 'burping,' protecting your trichomes and utilizing the bag's anti-static nature to ensure they remain intact. Leave about a quarter of the bag as ‘headspace’ to support this internal atmosphere.

Image 32

For optimal protection, TerpLoc® shields against UV light, yet storing your curing bag in a cool, dark space at around 60°F and 60% humidity is still wise. To cure, tightly seal the bag. Within two weeks, you'll have successfully cured buds ready for consumption. While this can be considered complete, extending the cure will significantly enhance the end result.

Image 34

At the eight-week threshold, the CO2 levels inside the bag will have risen, minimizing oxygen, stabilizing moisture, reducing excess chlorophyll, and allowing the terpene profile to reach its zenith.

Going beyond eight weeks takes your cannabis into the realm of aging, akin to a fine wine, potentially transforming the profile of your cannabis. Grove Bags cater to this with an environment hostile to mold. Those less patient can simply move their final product to a stash bag for personal use and reuse the curing bag for subsequent harvests.

We all recognized that the burping jar method wasn't optimal, but we lacked the right tools tailored to the specific needs of cannabis. That's no longer the case. The best part? Grove Bags cater to any grower, whether you cultivate vast fields or just a couple of plants in a tent. They're a sophisticated answer to a complex process — a true sign of innovation.


I use them they work GREAT just got to make sure your flowers are ready to be bagged and not to wet👍


Can you out GRAV The Gravmaster???
Are the bags good for long term storage??? I'm hearing that the bags are great for curing but long term storage is not recommended??? Can u please clarify?


After using these bags to cure. Stored in a blackout cabinet at 66-70 degrees, they go great for 3 months before the buds start to dry and harden. It is comparable to how when you pull out your 61% RH static jar and remove some to smoke, the buds dry and harden within a couple days of being out of the control jar. That is the consistency of the buds in the grove bag after 3 months of storage, as if the buds were sitting out in a baggie for a couple days from proper RH jars. It is primed and ready to smoke right out of the grove bag, but the buds don’t regulate the RH as well and you see a very slow drop in RH within the bag as time goes on. Mason jars with packets perform better for Long storage. I end up putting my buds from the bag into the jar anyways and I have grove bags laying around. I use the small grove bags for holding my personal but I find baby food jars work even better to keep freshness.

I like these bags but unless I access that bag within a couple months and swap it to a jar to pick out of for the month, once the bag is opened and seal broken, you have to use a jar anyways or they dry out super fast from tapping into it throughout the weeks, once you break the heat seal.

The grove bag weed is always more dry, crisp and ready to crumble and smoke at any stage, even when completely sealed and untapped. The controlled burped jar weed always comes out and has a longer life of quality after removal from the jar than that of the grove bags. Which, seems to be only a day of being out in a zip lock bag that the grove bag weed is already flaking and dry when loading or rolling up.

I have to use jars in conjunction anyways is the consensus. Or I lose my weeds ability to stay fresh for longer. I always feel more compelled to use the grove bag weed first and to use more but smaller grove bags because it does dry out fast once you break the initial seal and should be used sooner. I would be anxious to let a pound cure for extended periods in a grove bag.


With the bags heat sealed, i have had them cure for a year. The bud was fantastic. Once the heat seal is broken though, i transfer the bud to jars. The 4oz bags are my preferred size to use. I have several bags on their 3rd use, with no issues.


My buds go from the drying tent to Grove bags and stay in them for 6 to 8 weeks. The bags are stored in a dark cabinet. Then they go into amber glass Mason jars for storage. This process has worked well for us.


Mylar is impermeable, meaning it's a great barrier against gasses and odors

My understanding is these "terp bags" are just mylar and plastic. And mylar does not allow moisture to escape.

I'm going to have to see some data on the permeability of these "films" to believe these claims. 👍

That being said, the dispensary I go to now puts all their buds in terp bags. They used to jar it, now they don't bother. They just hand you the bag with 50-100g of weed and let you sniff. 😋


And I'm going to say the *most* important part of harvesting is not letting your freshly harvested weed dry out too fast.
Or too long before you trim and put into these terp bags.

I harvested 20 plants at once and me and a friend were overwhelmed. Most of it was overly dry by the time we trimmed and jarred it up.

In fact, I still have several ounces of Durban and others from my harvest 3 years ago that I need to turn into pre-cured hash, it's not worth smoking at this point. 😋
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