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As the title says this is my first ever grow of cannabis. I have had veggie gardens outdoors in the past so as far as personal experience I only have that to draw on. I have been doing a ton of reading and research since becoming a member on this forum and have learned a lot but still have sooo much to learn.

My basic setup is a Secret Jardin DS120 tent 4'x4'x6'. I am using a Sun System LEC 315w with an Apollo 4 timer for this space. My ventilation consists of a 6" max fan pro series and a Phresh 6"x24" carbon filter for exhausting the tent. I am using a 6" cone shaped auto filter for my intake as well as 2 6" clip on fans for air movement.

The seeds I am using on this first grow are 2 each of the following Greenhouse NL5 Haze Mist, Humboldt Seeds Amherst Sour Diesel, Dinafem OG Kush, Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough and World of Seeds Pakistan Valley. After all the reading I have done and all the back and forth about best way to germinate seeds I decided to just drop them in the soil like I had always done with my on May 26th they were put in Roots Organics 707.

On May 28th they started popping out.
On May 29th I ran into my first hiccup. The 4200k light for veg on my light I discovered had a broken filament so had to send it back for a replacement. So I figured I would run the 3100k bulb for about a week while waiting for the replacement to come in. After running my light for its 10 hour break in period it decided not to work anymore so it had to be sent back for replacement as well smh. I guess when it rains it pours.
So now I have seedlings popping and no light for them. Not the kind of start I was hoping for. So I run over to Walmart and grabbed a couple T5 grow lights they have in the gardening section so these will have to hold over the little sprouts until my other lighting gets back to me.
May 30th I finally get them in the tent with some light on them so with the combination of inadequate light and some high humidity issues they stretched a bit.

At this point the Dinafem OG Kush still have not popped.

Average temperature in the tent has been holding around 72f and humidity has been hanging around 65%


We have had a lot of high humidity in the are over the last week so average humidity has gone up to 72% so to help control this I ordered a dehumidifier for the tent just waiting for it to arrive.

June 1st I removed the 2 unpopped OG Kush and will let them sit in the dark for a few more days to see if they pop. This was the first day I gave water since they were planted.
June 2nd I opened the tent a had one of the Strawberry Cough laying over. I am figuring it is due to the high humidity and the fact that the seedling stretched too much too early and it could not support itself. They seemed to be doing pretty good at this point and the next day the one leaner was starting to stand back up on its own.
June 5th I open the tent and they are all laying down so I decided to transplant them into their one gallon pots and bury them almost up to their leaves.

At this point they are starting to get their second leaves to come in.


Today they got their first real watering since they have been transplanted into their one gallon pots and they seem to be doing well to this point after the setbacks at the beginning.
All the little weird spots and reflections are water drops.

one of the Strawberry Coughs

The second Strawberry Cough

First Sour Diesel

Second Sour Diesel

First Pakistan Valley

Second Pakistan Valley

First NL5 Haze Mist

Second NL5 Haze Mist

These pictures were all taken this morning so that gets everything caught up to this point.


Great looking first grow you have going Trucker. All of your plants are looking great in my eyes and a fun mix of strains. It looks like a nice soil mix and I like that you are not over watering. I have to say that I love your avatar after wrenching on semi's and large equipment for 25 years. Some of my best moments was working at Denver Peterbilt for five years from 1988 to 1993 rebuilding rollovers.


Great looking first grow you have going Trucker. All of your plants are looking great in my eyes and a fun mix of strains. It looks like a nice soil mix and I like that you are not over watering. I have to say that I love your avatar after wrenching on semi's and large equipment for 25 years. Some of my best moments was working at Denver Peterbilt for five years from 1988 to 1993 rebuilding rollovers.
Thanks for stopping by @Orcaman and yeah I have been a trucker for well over 20 years and I tend to like the Petes :)


No real update today just my normal daily pest check and pictures. The little girls have had a little growth in the last 24 hours and all seems to be going well with them. Hope it stays that way :) I am probably a week and a half to 2 weeks away from starting any nutes as the soil should suffice them until then but when I do start the nutes these are what I am using on this grow.
20160518_154014 (1).jpg

and now the little girls

sour diesel

second sour diesel

nl5 haze mist

second nl5 haze mist

strawberry cough

second strawberry cough

Pakistan valley

second Pakistan valley

I know to a lot of you these daily pics are boring but for me its a good way for me to keep track on a daily basis of what I did with the little girls so if I do run into issues hopefully this will point me in the right direction of what I did wrong.

Everyone have a great day :)


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Looking good. If my sprouts start to tip I just use a bamboo skewer to give them something to lean on, transplant works too:)
Yup, been there done that a time or 2. Love them little bamboo kabob sticks. workx great


Well it has been 14 days since I put the seeds in the soil and still the 2 OG Kush have not come up so tonight I will lightly look through the soil and see what happened to them. If they never cracked I am going to try soaking them in water for a day then try the paper towel method with them just to see before tossing them.

The other 8 are doing great in my eyes. At 14 days and growing everyday :) Did my usual pest check and pictures for the day and here they are

sour diesel

second sour diesel

Pakistan valley

second Pakistan valley

strawberry cough

second strawberry cough

NL5 Haze Mist

second NL5 Haze Mist

Temperatures have been down a little as of last night so the tent is holding right about 68f and humidity at 65%
Should have my light replacement back by the end of the week and the small dehumidifier. I think the other light and the dehum will make a pretty good difference in their growth.


Well I unburied the dinafem Og kush seeds and all I found were the husks of the seeds. Guess I got a bad couple of their seeds. I have one more of theirs so I guess in the next day or two I will see if that one will pop or not. Will just try soaking it first then paper towel it and see what that one does. All the other seeds seem to have no problems at all and hope it stays that way.


I have decided to just run the 8 that did pop and save the last og kush for my next grow and see if it pops or not. I would prefer to just put them in the soil and let them go as I did with this first run. In my eyes if they don't pop on their own they just weren't meant to be.
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