Ive actually only smoked one true Og I beleive. From dispensary up in Houghton Lake, Mi. They had it labeled as Platinum Og. It was flame and Ive had the fever ever since! Tried a few crosses, but none matched that cut. Its been rough for me getting ahold of an Og cut. But, patience is the virtue. Always is !! Lol...
I've had true for a while and I've grown lots of og and true og is one of the best if not the best og there is. She's top notch in every way. Even when I neglect her she outs out some of the best nuggs period. I will say she needs to be topped and tied at times but the nuggs def make up for her structure. I've noticed that when I fed A1 nutrients (humic/fulvic and the kelp) she perked up and needed no support.

venom never seen you post her up. I know she will be bad if you grow her bro. She might even change your mind about being a good og.

Delae if your cut is taking long to root bro my suggestion is clone her and toss her start of new with a fresh. Cutting make sure the roots are bangin and I'm sure she will take off.

Dwd your true og is legit bro. Not only is it legit its well grown too at least from the pics you posted bro!!

Been working this true og for years and I have grown and still hold a lot of other ogs but the true is just good on all category's!
By the way she's getting dusted with loompas yeti male as we speak! Maybe that will help the structure a bit.

The yeti male has some nice branching fills in real nice. The fact it also reeks in veg is also a plus.

Also got platinum og, Louie og, Tahoe og, diablo og, strawberry bubba, Williams wonder, master chem, and some alien platinum bub a all getting dusted...
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