What's up farmers, today I got to try my first sample of the true power OG phenos I'm testing and let me tell you guys this. This strain is probably a close tie with the Forum cut GSC for best tasting strain I've ran IMHO(And I've ran a lot, been growing since Albert Walker was considered fairly new.. The buds have not been cured 1 day and a almost citrusy OG aroma/flavor is already very pungent. The yield numbers aren't in yet but from the looks of things, it looks like a nice yield for the quality I'm seeing. The picture is a little fresh and un-cured still but does it justice none the less. Big shouts to the homies over at SinCity.
I'm actually going to buy a new camera later this week, I'll get some better pictures then. I also have an aisle of 2 Powernap pheno's I'm testing coming down this week. I'll get some porn of it also. My vacuum oven just arrived so I'll be also seeing how well the TPOG yields honeycomb also. And JB if that's your pit his face looks exactly like my old boy (especially that Lilly pad of a tongue lol) except his legs were all blue not white, beautiful dog bro.
I got you cap ill pm you some flower shots before I chop this week. Powernap looks to have better yield/structure than my true power but I'll know for sure in a few weeks. it has a fruity but different fruity smell. I have the worst nose/pallet and a aroma/flavor has to be overly distinct for me to taste an exact flavor. ill just take it to my neighbor, he'll take 1 hit and somehow pull 90 different things it tastes like out of his ass. I think once dialed Powernap could be a good commercial strains for those who are more concerned about quality but still want a fairly decent yield. All my sin city cuts have blown out roots in 7 days tops. Love there gear I actually just ordered another pack of BP and bosses sister.
Their seeds are always large and chunky also. But what matters is whats inside. Im glad I got a 15 pack of the Truepower. I will pop them all at once to find my girl. I also have the Nightfire Og. Aliens Jackd Up Cherry Fuel and Boss sister. Truepower is at the top of the list.
You won't be disappointed, I usually like to keep my number of mothers down to a minimum but damn Sin City is making that toough. I have a power purp female I've been keeping that doesn't yield hardly anything but is seriously up for grabs some of the tastiest purples I've came across. I have two 600's for my persie garden and next run is nothing but power purps and forum GSC.
Sin City's got a customer in me for sure just by the germ rate and m/f ratio alone. I look forward to running more of their gear and that power nap is one ive had my eye on...amongst almost the rest of sin's whole lineup lol
What's up Sin City Seeds? My favorite all time plant to grow and smoke is TruePower OG! I haven't been growing for some time now and cannot find seeds or clones anywhere! Can you please tell me you have some stashed away!? I would love to but some! I only want to grow TruePower OG! Thanks.