TS-1000 Replacement Driver (Is what I'm looking for)

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I'm not any sort of electronics guy, but other than the slightly higher max output voltage, this one is very close to the original. I would guess it would work, but if you know someone with more knowledge of electronics, run it by that person.

I have a TS-1000 that I use for vegging small plants and sometimes to keep mama plants alive. I would risk it and maybe don't turn it up past about 95%.

I have used Future Electronics. They're out of Canada. Quick service to the US.


A massive thank you to the people at Marshydro. I explained the situation (and that there was no eBay trail as the light was purchased over 3 years ago) and they have replaced it with the latest driver! (the one with the remote dimmer). All they asked for was the $25 postage 👌 fantastic customer service.
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