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Hello. Can anyone correct me if I'm doing the process of turning live resin straight from the heat press into cartridges for vaping wrong? I picked up a bottle of VG/PG but beforehand I put the live resin (1-3) grams of it into the magnetic stir and let it turn more liquid. Should I let it stir longer at a constant heat for a better result? Is this the process of curing or am I missing a complete step? I add about 4ml of VG and 4ml of PG into the magnetic stir and the result is a solid mess that's not transparent but solid. Should I add less live resin and more VG/PG for a more transparent appearance?

I want the live resin to look similar to this viscosity .



I do ethanol extraction. By the time I finish purging the ethanol from the concentrate, the extract physically resembles shatter more so than oil.

With that said, too thick for a vape cart. I use Terpene Diluent - Viscosity Agent to thin it enough to flow. It only requires a few drops.

I choose this because I want to dilute my concentrate as little as possible to retain potency. Also, you dont get a nasty flavor. Mixes well and have never noticed any separation.
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