Turning Shitty Hand Sprayer Into A Fogger (kinda)


Self-Proclaimed Don Quixote
Hello farm,

I’ve been having a problem with my shitty hand pump sprayer. You know the kind. You pump from the top, build pressure and squeeze the trigger. Now, i don’t know if i’m the only one having this problem but, i have never been able to achieve a fog or mist like consistency with these sprayers. I’ve only used them indoors and owned 3 of them in total. I know all of them were cheap, so it can be a problem on my side too. Tho i know they’re not really meant to be used as foggers or misters per se.

Anyway, i had some spare parts laying around. And inspiration came :). If i could mix air and water in controllable quantities to achieve a good ratio i could get a mist like consistency. So here is what i did.

I took 2 regulator valves for an aquarium air diffuser and some aquarium air hose and hooked them to get the mechanism seen in the picture.

This cost me literally nothing because i owned the parts. But if you were to pick up these from a pet shop, it would still be fairly cheap.

Now, i’m not really aware if this is something people do or not, because i haven’t looked into it. It was just an experiment for me. It worked, eventho it can be improved as any design out there. But if you have a shitty sprayer and don’t want to pay for a fogger, this is an easy solution.

Now, when i pump this to the max, which takes about 20 seconds, and keep the valves at 50%, i can get 20 seconds straight mist. Doesn’t seem much but it does the job because its a fine mist. You would use less solution for spraying as a bonus, especially when spraying pesticides, because it gives a good coverage with a fine mist.

Again this was a real piece of crap sprayer. It wasn’t even “spraying”. So with an incrementally better one you would get better results imo. And with a little pumping you can spray as many plants as you like.

So if you have a shitty sprayer that you want to get more out of, you can try something like this or even better it and maybe even share with the farm :D


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