Twisted new growth, brown & yellow discoloring, leaves curled downward.

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Hey people, looking for some advice with these little ones. Both plants are grown outdoors in Ireland. Using Bio Bizz all mix. No nutrients used yet apart from what’s in the soil. Both plants were transplanted 5 days ago from a 1 liter pot to an 11 liter pot. Following the transplant 2.5 liters of water with each plant with 2.5 mils each of Superthrive. Just wondering if this is as a result of transplant shock and do I need to do anything to aid it’s recovery? Both plants are at this stage 5 weeks old since sprouting out of the soil. New growth is severely twisted and the older leaves are curled downward and some of the older leaves have brown & yellow spots. It looks like the new growth is also blistering. I also used biobizz leaf coat the day after transplanting. They have had no water since being transplanted. Any advise? Thank you in advance.

Twisted growth on the new leaves and lower leaves with spots of brown and yellow. Critical Kush. Pic 1.

Pic 2. Critical Kush.

Severe twisted new growth and slight brown and yellow spots. Peyote Critical. Pic 1

Pic 2. Peyote Critical.

The 2 together.
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