Uk growers, SE particularly, I need all your thoughts and feedback

I've got a load of clones and I was hoping I'd be able to plant a few discreetly here and there outside. Last summer was the hottest and most intense I've seen in my life, if this summer is anything similar to last year then no doubt weeds gonna veg no problem, I'm wondering about flowering having time to finish though, I think it's mid September before we see twelve hours of dark, 8 weeks on from then it's mid November... most likely to wet and cold to finish properly? Have any of you grown photos outside in the UK?
I'd like to here everbodies thoughts..
I'm hoping it's possible but after some thought I'm having doubts.
What do you all think?
Well living in Scotland I tried once but like u said the weather changed before they even got halfway through flower plus the weather had been shite so the plants were real small anyway.
However I,v seen plenty of pics and threads of people around the London area growing stuff like cheese and shit outdoor fairly successfully .of course I doubt it would be as good as indoor but in my opinion getting a successful outdoor harvest would be a real bonus as your not paying for electricity.
I would say give it a shot.find a couple of different spots you think are suitable, take something to dig with and each time you go take supplies and stash em somewhere safe and hidden.dig a few holes and put In some well amended good draining soil.maybe some o those water storage crystals u mix in with the soil to help keep plants hydrated for a bit longer when the soil dries out a bit.
What kinda strains u got to put out?
I,v always though a few of the bigger super autos would be good for outdoors coz the will be flowering while the days are still long,hot and ideal for growing cannabis.its just with the normal plants as u said yourself it's once the days get short enough to entice flowering is the weather going to stay good enough to get shit finished thoughts are "there's only one way to find out for sure." And "what's to lose but a wee bit o time and a wee bit of effort?"
Do u have a good, safe and quiet spot in mind?I would truly love to see u do it and document the whole grow.