Unhealthy seedling once moved to pot

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Hi all,

Some advice if possible please. I have a blue amnesia xxl auto. Germinated in paper towels popped after 24 hrs, then put in a plug and kept in propagator until the first set of true leaves formed. Then moved to the pot.
Over night the leaves have gone a weird shape. I think I may of over watered it but I’m not sure. This seed started really strong but now I’m worried.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏼
Unhealthy seedling once moved to pot


Too much calnitmag, it can't get access to Boron, phosphorus, potassium. Cycle of death. Contrary to popular belief, Cannabis doesn't want to survive harsh soils. It will methodically kill itself until the soil is suitable. You're probably using garbage soil + hard water. Bicarbonate is the #1 enemy of Cannabis. We don't allow it in our soils after seeing it be the root cause of problems in literally every soil mix we've tested. Tapwater is not free calmag, it's free bicarbonate. Same with dolomite lime used in garbage soils. I don't know if it's malicious or if the soil analysts are just that fucking dumb. The paid experts of America are typically dipshits. Look at politics for a great example. You can't even give good rational advice away in America these days. Soil companies like Buildasoil are blaming lack of microbes for their customers failures... After selling them the soil...
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