Unrealistic candy week 7 of flower

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The plant looks very well and near-ready, although I'd advise to take a looking glass and take a look on trichomes, if they are milky then you're near good to harvest, but just few day, they must look like amber colored. If they are transparent then no-no, cut if when they are orange-rusty-amber colored or partially so and partially milky-muddy shaded. Do not cut if transparent, too early


Nice looking grow…..but not really close to finished, if it’s ripe buds you’re after.
The plant is producing mass amounts of white pistils all over. She hasn’t even went through her swell stage.
Chill out, give her a couple weeks and u should start to see those pistils turn brown, curl up and recede back into the calyx from which they came. At that point the buds will swell up and be a lot closer to ready.
Once the buds are ripe, then look at the trichomes……you’ll have a decent window where u can take them at the start or wait longer in hopes of more amber trichs.
But you’re at least 2 weeks away from even being on the early end.
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