Unseen BHO Method and process

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I've always used a BHO Method I created that I never see from others. I'm wondering what your opinions are. I wonder if I'm not seeing any problems that keep others from doing it this way.

My runs are small volume. Never more than an ounce of flower to start with. I blast like most others but I put grain alcohol like Everclear in my collection vessel, usually a mason jar. This combination leaves a thinner blast that distillates better when I purge it. I set the finished collection in a pot of hot water and the butane boils off easily with the ethanol mixed in because it doesn't get viscous to hinder the purge. It quits bubbling pretty quick and then I reduce it by effectively distilling the alcohol away to get thicken it up. Can anyone think of a reason that no one else seems to do it this way or a reason why I shouldn't do it like this?
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