Use a basement grow room for drying/curing my outdoor harvest?

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Use a basement grow room for drying/curing my outdoor harvest?

I have a 8' x 15' x 6.5' ceiling grow room in a basement, with a 5x5 tent in it. The room is reasonably well insulated from the rest of the house. It has a 6" Inkbird ducted fan for exhaust and a 4" fresh air intake duct which has a DIY filter box containing a furnace type air filter panel.
The ventilation system is designed to keep the room under negative pressure to vent any smell outside. (DW HATES the smell... )
It has inkbird ITC-308-WiFi temperature controller and IHC-200-WiFi Humidity controller. There is a large volume dehumidifier connected to the humidistat.

The temperature in the room is usually fairly cool all year. During summer cooling season the room is 5-10 degrees F cooler than the main floor. During heating season I expect the differential to be much greater. Last winter when I had a 18Hr 1000W HID grow in progress, the room went down to 65F with light off. The room has been inactive since late spring but I turned the Temp controller on today to start collecting data.

Given the ventilation system design, as long as the outdoor air temp is below 50F or so, I doubt I will need any cooling to keep the room around 60F. With the exhaust fan running, and outdoor fresh air intake open, the room also pulls cool (dryish?) air off the basement floor from under the entry door.

I am looking for any input or ideas about the above, and have the following questions:

Trying to keep room at around 60F/60%RH, and of course trying not to break the bank...:

===== Should I have a heater connected in case the room drops below 55F (Unlikely)?
----- If so, what heater is recommended? I have a cheap electric heater or two that have their own temp controller but I'd rather have a heater that will work with the app connected external temperature controller if possible.

===== Should I have a Humidifier connected? I doubt the RH will drop below 60 with a large quantity of bud in the room unless I need to have a heater running, which is extremely unlikely.
----- If so, What Humidifier is recommended? There are some cheap ultrasonics available, but I haven't found one yet that will play nicely with an external RH controller. I probably could resurrect an old DIY fogoponic fog generator that I have laying around...


i dry mine in the basement, it works out great. takes about 11 days or so depending on plant size. if its too cold it will take too long to dry which will rot any bigger buds, which happened to me once in a cold garage.


I dry in the same tent I grow in. Just try and keep the temp as close to 60degrees as possible with the rh at 60. The slower the better. I usually hang for no less than 14 days.
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