Useing everclear to winterize

Hi everyone I got about 14 grams of oil I want to clean up using the everclear for winterizing. My question is the highest proof I can get around me is 120 proof everclear, will that work?? I can get the 151 proof but have to get it shipped so I went ahead and got the 120 proof will this still work or no?
Re-posting a link previously mentioned here on the Farm.
Yes, that will work. I would just use about 1.5 litres of the ethanol. Place the solution in freezer for a couole days on the coldest setting then filter. I prefer VacFiltering over gravity to avoid the solution heating up and water soluables passing thru filter medium. Or if you want to clean up the oil the most for an at home process buy some dry ice and place ethanol/oil container in a small cooler with chipped up dry ice and crumbled newspaper [to slow down the dry ice becoming gas] for a couole hours then vaccu filter. I use ariund 5 pounds of dry ice to process 8oz of flowers with 4 L of 190 Everclear and use a vac filtering system. Good Luck!