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I used the FF trio nutes for my first grow. I'm using a mix of coco/perlite this time around to have a looser medium. I see FF makes the same trio in a "hydro/coco" I need to switch to this, or will I be ok using the FF nutes I already have? I'm reusing my first grow medium of coco/vermeculite/compost, but adding perlite and a bunch of coco to make it It's not quite a coco grow? Hoing I'll be OK with what I have on hand...
also I'm struggling on what to use for initial (seedling) feeding, since my medium will be mostly inert. The lil darlings will transplant with the cup of seedling starter they begin in, but I expect will need feeding right off once they are transplanted...just not sure when to start a feeding schedule in coco/inert mix.


I don’t know what you have but if it contains guano then no you will have to switch to the 3 in 1 trio for hydro

I had a glance and some of there soil stuff does contain guano witch isn’t compatible with coir ( coco )
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