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Cat Jockey

Cat Jockey

Cat, I think that's his nute regimen.

Ummm ... they don't call it dope for nuthin'. Yea, I obviously missed that.

I am not a H&G expert. What's the label say as far as Mg guaranteed analysis?

pH around 5.7-5.9

Has it been pretty stable at that range for a period of days? If it has, knock it down to about 5.2 and then let it float back up - providing you didn't use pH up when you did your res originally.

There is a thread going about optimal pH and I think a sticky with two pH charts. Take a look at the black and white one and see how poor the absorbtion rate for Mg is at a pH of 5.8.

I have cleared up Mg deficiencies with pH adjustments on certain strains I have. Give it a shot instead of adding more Cal/Mag.

I use filtered well water with an original TDS of about 150 or so

I don't know about your particular well, but alot of that 150 could already be calcium. There is also the unkown variable of natural salinity of your water. Be careful not to overdose yer girls with Calcium. I can't recommend enough to get an RO filter. You know what you are starting with.

Point being, you probably don't have a Cal def. So if you think you have a Mg def, play with the pH first.


:D, that's why I don't smoke the stuff. Ha! ;)

steelyeyes, what a bummer, man! Sorry to hear about your string of catastrophes; that's got to be demoralizing. Good that you've got another round in the chamber, though. I'd still love to see you troubleshoot this and discover what they were needing. Best of luck!

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