whats up guys rosco here with a question...

ive been encountering an issue when i transplant from my 8 gallon veg buckets to my 13 gallon flower buckts. the roots in the veg systems are robust and healthy but almost every time i transplant to my flower system (13 gallon buckets) my roots get compromised to a degree. its not full blown root rot but they are clearly slimed to some extent.

the flower system is a fresh batch of water with plenty of uc roots. always cleaned thoroughly etc. the root damage isnt enough to ruin the flower cycle or anything but its clearly leaving to be desired and id like to address it and hopefully get it fixed.

anyone else experience this problem and have any solutions?

thank you!
No experience with this but could it be that your switching from vege to flower into bigger buckets and when you do they have transplant shock and for a short period of time they'll be drinking less while your feeding them more so they're staying wetter for longer?
Sorry, I only have a 8 gallon system, but to add a thought, the water have the same ppm? That seems to be the same issue I get when doing a start up. How about the air content of the water? Bound to be different with the larger buckets? Wish I had the answer, curious to know what it is!