Vegetation HID wattage for 5x5 Grow Tent. SCROG

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So I have a 5x5 grow tent from vivojunk. I'm lighting it with a 600 watt vivojunk ballast and bulb. I have an older style 4 inch hood with a fan on each side. For air intake I'm pulling air in from the bottom with a 60 mm 12 volt pc fan. I'm venting from the top with the same fan. I have a humidifier which holds the humidity at whatever percent I set it at. Reason being for small fans because they dont over power humidifiers creating more filling and maintenance on the humidifiers. It's more than enough force 5x5. I have the plants trained and starting to train and bend them under the net which I picked up at Canadian Tire for 6 dollars. My temperatures are stable between 22 and 23 degrees. 65% Humidity. Should I up the wattage to 1000? Or is 600 more than sufficient? I'm still a few weeks out on flip I think.
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