Ventilation for 13.5 x 11ft grow room

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Hi growers,

I'm struggling to design a ventilation setup for a grow room I'm building (see my plan)

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The room is 13.5 x 11 x 7.5 feet (approx. 1113 cubic feet) or 4.1 x 3.4 x 2.3 meters (32 cubic meters).

The thing is I am only going to be using about half the area for growing.

Initially I was going to have two tents for flowering but I am considering just having the flowering areas open and using one ventilation system for it all instead of running a fan off each flower tent. I will be using tents for the clone/vege and drying areas. I am thinking I will have a couple of booster fans on these tents just to pull air through the tent and out into the main growing room.

I will be running 3 x SF4000 Kingbrite 480w quantum board led lights. And a bunch of Barrina led T5 light equivalents for vege/clone.

Should I calculate my exhaust/intake fan requirements based on the grow room area, the smaller area where I will actually be growing, or the wattage of my lights?

I am considering running just one 12inch ac infinity fan or something similar with a large carbon filter for the entire area.

Any suggestions?

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