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Hello THC fams,

Thank you for your support to ViparSpectra.

As ViparSpectra is a sponsor new here on the farm, we would like to be sticky with ViparSpectra product users, window shoppers, or anyone who is not that familiar to us but interested in our products.

How to achieve this? That is, ViparSpectra is happy to announce this thread "ViparSpectra LED Grow Light Discussion" is the Main Thread of ViparSpectra, you can call it the home of ViparSpectra. You guys can take it easy here, and engage with us or invite other grower friends to have any talks about ViparSpectra LED grow lights.

ViparSpectra will have monthly events/giveaways for you guys. Which ViparSpectra light do you expect for the next giveaway? Wait! All comes first, do you know all the ViparSpectra LED grow light models? Try to give their names out, and pick the one you want to own most.

Stay "home". Stay tuned. Thank you.
Thank you @ViparSpectra for being here and sharing information on the new gear that comes out....

I'm running a 400w MH/HPS on one side of my grow tent and a ViparSpectra P2000 on the other side....

So far, I've ran the P2000 a few times and I'm sold.....

When the time is right, my next light will be a or along the lines of a P2000........maybe a XS2000.......

I forget the model of ViparSpectra I looked into recently, but if remember correctly, it was suitable for a 5 × 2 or 5 × 2.5.........maybe it was even 5 × 3......I just know it would fit in my space.......that's the next improvement for our space......

Thank you for the information and updates......


My Pro 2000 is better than my xs1500. They are both excellent lights
i was not saying any of there lights were bad i just wondered what would be there number 1 light same goes for spiderfarmer or mars out of all there lights which of there brand is there number 1 light


Had a Viparspectra V300, moved up to a couple of P1000 in a 3x3. Good dependable lights but just need a little more umphh. Just invested in a KS3000.I have a 2x2x4 I can use the P1000 in. I also have a Mars Hydro TS600 and 4 Vivosun V1000 for backups. All have been good dependable lights and still work after multiple grows.I grow outside in the summer, so the inside grows keep me occupied when the snow is blowing.
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