Viparspectra xs2000 2023 is $40 off on amazon right now

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I was grabbing another cheap led on amazon today and noticed this on sale. I was going to get a SF2000 and noticed the Viprspectra xs2000 2023 model was $40 off. I have the older model and it is perfect for this stoned AF amateur. I wanted the spider farmer 2000 but that shit is over priced at $269. With coupon this was 209 after tax. I know I sound like a cheap mofo but I’m sorting out an actual grow room and will upgrade to the new HLG scorpion diablos in a fucking heartbeat. Those r like LSX in a Nova, 9 sec all day! Xs2000 like a nova with a nitrous ls 4.8, still great but you’ll throw a rod at some point.
✌️ ya’ll. Be chiiiiiilllll…
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