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First off, excellent thread. What is the exact cross in your sour cookies keeper? ECSD? This very well could have been covered and I apologize if I missed it.
Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams

waaynes a blessed man! His tree bears good fruit, "Always", that comes from his heart! A Bad tree "Defiled Heart" will NEVER bear good fruit! Im proud to say waaynes my Brother! Never hops the fence and his word is Gold! Bless you waayne!!! Band of Brothers!!!


Guy who digs fat girls
More divine Cheeto kush
day 62


Fantastic! Can you tell me more about your soil mix and feeding regemine, waayne?


These are super fast to ripen @DC105
I plan on harvesting them between 62-65 days,which will be this upcoming week.....
Both are reeking now....

@blazer yeah man these are some beasts,the larger pheno looks to be a top yielder
Take care homie!

Thank's for the positive vibes @NaturalTherapy
These have sure been some beautiful phenos to grow out this run

Yes indeed @DC105 these are straight outta Dankville...

ha ha @pura smelling even better my friend....;)
These Blueberry Snowdawgs just plain reek, it sure is pleasant smelling all the candied blueberry dankness

Blueberry x Snowdog
these are nearly done.
View attachment 433611
View attachment 433613
Both phenos reek of blueberries ,citrus,guava,and Jolly Rancher Candy
Keep up the great work @logic
Just cruising through ur stuff trying to learn and just over the top blown away by ur skill. I know u will say it's the genetics and much props to @logic for the amazing gear but it takes a true master grower to get this much out of a plant. It's no wonder myself and every other member on the farm that has a clue respects u so much. Browsed ur threads a time or two but it's crazy how much one can pick up from really digging. Seriously bro much respect to u man. Keep doing it. Ur truly inspiring. Have a great holiday bro.
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