water quality and germinating seeds

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Should I adjust the ph of the water before I give my beans a 24 hour soak? At what ph do new born roots like it? Is there anything I can do that has been proven to increase the female to male ratio when germing seeds, this includes temps, light intensity, ph value, blah blah blah. I plan on letting the seeds soak until I see a tap root and then throwing them into some rapid rooters. I have some very special beans from bity, karma genetics and subcool that I want to germ but I am scared to death, Like i've never fucking done it before or something. LMAO! These are the first seeds I've ever paid for with the exception of the freebies. But the freebies mean just as much to me! Thanks guys! Peace and mucho respecto!

Smart Calyx

Ive always tried to adjust my ph with any water i use. I dont think its a huge ordeal in this instance, safe is much better than sorry though....


I don't know if you've germed them by now or not, but I never have worried about the pH of the water I use to germ seeds. I see it as just the method we're using to soften the shell--just moisture. But there may be more science in it than I realize.


Yeah i personally just use water straight from the tap..~ogr


Well good luck man :) um but lets just clear the air ,you do not need to correct the pH of the water ,but I wouldn't say you ought to use tap water straight from the tap ,you could but let it stay 24 hours in a open container that would let out the chlor ( not sure how exactly you spell the word ).If possible its best to use rain water :) well good luck with your seedling mate :)


Thanks indian, I used bottle water un ph'd eith no sodium either. I love me some rain water but I am growing in an apartment. :) Thanks for your response, peace!
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