Watering and deficiency, I have a question for experienced folks

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I just watered my auto and it’s in the 3rd week of veg and I’m doing good with watering only when dry. My problem is I have just hit a deficiency because I’m using biobizz light mix (I’m not 100% on the exact deficiency but it could be depletion of many nutrients). Anyway, I did fully expected this which is no big deal but I didn’t plan on seeing it the day after I watered. I didn’t add any perlite to the soil so it’s staying moist for a good 5-7 days at this point. So my big question is do I let the deficiency persist until I hit another dry cycle or do I risk adding my nutes now and a light watering just to stop it from getting worse? I don’t want to drown my roots. Other than the leaves starting to turn at the bottom, it’s a super healthy plant with reasonable growth with the blurple light I’m using.

I’m new and I’m pushing my plant for the sake of learning. I would’ve added nutes the last watering but I thought I could go one more cycle. I’m using AN products half strength in my other auto and it’s kicking ass but I started nutes at week 3 and didn’t hit this problem. It’s also a different strain so who knows if the needs are different.

So thoughts and opinions are welcome. Sorry no pics :(
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