Weed music, songs about HERB!

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Rules: song must be about weed, not just a passing lyric of smoking a joint, or something suggestive or even just vibe music.

black sabbath -sweet leaf. About weed and acceptable

Black sabbath - fairies wear boots. "Cause smoking and trippin is all that you do" is a passing line. This is not a song about weed, Try to keep it from the list.

Let's have some fun with it and find some new music!


Afro man - because I got high
Afro man - colt 45
Black sabbath - sweet leaf
Bone thugs n harmony (btnh) - pod
Btnh - budsmokersonly
Btnh - Buddha lovaz
Btnh - weed man
Btnh - blaze it
Bizzy bone - fried day
Cypress Hill - hits from the bong
Cypress hill - I wanna get high
Devin the dude - sticky green
Devin the dude - Doobie ashtray
Devin the dude - everyday
Devin the dude - to the xtreme
Devin the dude - r & b
Devin the dude - nothin to roll with
Devin the dude - zeldar
Dj Paul - where is the bud pt 2
Dj quik - bomb bud
Dj quik - bomb bud
Dr Dre - let's get high
Down - hail the leaf
Down - bury me in smoke
Eazy-E - Down to the last roach
Gangsta Pat - I wanna smoke 1, 2, & 3
Juicy j - smoke dat weed
Juvenile - feeling right
Khmer kid - smoke weed
Khmer kid - smoke weed remix
Krayzie bone - smokin buddah
La chat & crunchy black - luv 2 get high
Ludacris - blueberry yum yum
Ludacris - catch up
Master P - half on a bag
Master p - pass me da green 1 & 2
Mystikal - I smell smoke
Mystikal - smoke somethin
Mystikal - still smoking
Project pat - up there
Sublime - get ready
Sublime - smoke two joints
Three 6 mafia - where is the bud
Three 6 mafia - weed got me high
Three 6 mafia - I'm so high
Violent j - homies to smoke with
Xraided - do you wanna get high?

Ok that's all I can think off the top of my head, I'll come back and add more as they come!


David Peel and the Lower East Side:
"Have a Marijuana"
"I Want to Get High"
"I Like Marijuana"
"Show Me the Way to Get Stoned"
and many, many more.

Peter Tosh: "Legalize It" and dozens of other reggae tunes that talk about ganja.
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Chief Greenbud - it's only a weed
Keller Williams - doobie in my pocket

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