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reality tv = no scripts thats the difference. i saw one filmed before they hide hella cameras n tell u forget about em. and they have a crew on site usually 9-5 that will occasionally do some take 2s give the show direction an i some cases make scenes overdramatic. lol u give these guys waaaaaaaaaaaay too much credit n if these guys were reading scripted shit id easily know they suck at it, see the tax appeal hearing. now that scene after the cam guy prolly said how does that make u feel? n dumbass says 'sadness' lol. ok no more ad libs for u. ya when dumbass brother shows seeds in a safe n talks about aliens, n black dude has dinner with moms thats all them playa. fuc seeing that grower with a bag he gettin robbed on site now prob bag or no bag, snatch his lil 4 k voucher an rip it up lol. thas like something leo would do. sage n sour musta been fire for them to be dickslurpin em like that. lil 19 yr old hippy in training was likke with a deadass face too 'you grow some of the best pot in the world' cuz he prob smoked sum better shit on another planet but here we good. aside from that the rest looked commercial. dude paying 1150$ utils, he prolly got a 10k flower room actin all hurtin. close margins deez nuts.

LOL sick nasty!!!! shit had me rollin!

I couldn't put my self threw more then 15 mins of it and was like wow.....

BTW Discovery and Nat Geo are the only 2 film company's located in Virgina...
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