Week 3 of flower, what do I have going on?

First 7 pics are of My problem child, next pics are of it’s littermates. Same age, bites and light, same all the way around. What’s causing the difference?

Aqua Man

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Have some grow info? looks like soil? Same strains?
Humidity, temp lighting, nutrient, watering schedule feed ppm, etc?

Did you switch to bloom nutes by chance?
Happy Frog soil
All are Gorilla Zkittles (16 plants in that room)
Humidity stays between 50-60%
Temp stays at 79-81
Lights are SF 4000 ( 6 in a 10x14 room)
Nutes- MOAB every other day
Water is PH’d at 6.5
PPM of water is 540

I switched to bloom nutes, starting 1 week after flip

Veggedon 18/6
12/12 presently
She is more nute sensitive than her mates. Likely pk buildup blocking roots. Leach with fresh water and see what comes out for runoff.

Then once the runoff is clearish and low ppm. Feed a mild to medium dose of a complete balanced grow ratio nute.

Then wait to see improvement. The burned leaves will likely not recover much. You may see some green back up some.
I’ve got 3 of the 16 that are behaving similarly. This one is the worst, strangely has almost double the bud as the others .