Week 5 Flower all plants different

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Soooo I was given 10 feminized sprouts in mid May. This is my first grow.. not without many challenges.

Yesterday marked week 5 of flower or more so week 5 since I started giving them 12 hours of light and dark. All of my plants look vastly different. I have no idea when to chop these babies. Some look wayyyy further along then others. The average flowering time for this strain is 9-10 weeks but some say as early as 7 weeks. Some of my plants look like they might be 7 weekers with others way behind.

How do I know when to chop them? Do some look almost ready?

I know they’re stressed. I know I have a bad thrips infestation. My goal now is just to finish this grow so I can start over the right way next time. I’ll actually be prepared the next time around and never will I ever grow so many plants at once again.
Any help and advice for this stage is appreciated.
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