Week 6 of flower and new growth on one of five plants but perfect environment

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Natural regular seeds don't hermie. It has to do with how the fem seeds are made.
Wait, what? A little too broad a statement. Natural (whatever that means) regs will hermie under adverse conditions, even outdoors. Its in the genetics alright, all marijuana has the genetic traits to express hermaphroditism. Even those "true xxx females" won't be after a gen or 2... Leave a poorch light on 24/7 with a 'bomb-proof' female growing under it outdoors, you'll see.


Smoke it...it will be full of seeds but there is still smoke. Sheeeeeeeit all weed used to be seeded. We crumble it up on an old record album cover and use the rolling paper pack or matches pack to lift drop and watch roll lol.....Youngens might not know that trick I'm sure YT has a vid on it...lol We also used to roll joints without glue on the rolling papers.....Aquafuge ....then came cut corners on ZiG Zags with glue wow that was a treat.
sorry to detract from the thread OP, gotta mention another oldie but goodie. crumbling it all up on a stolen mcdonalds tray, pushing the pile to one side and lightly tapping the tray also worked something fierce. nothing like that old mexibrick... the treasures you'd find sometimes haha bugs, tree leaves, plastic... sometimes the shit smelling like straight up gasoline... using honey to seal the papers without glue.. throwback man..

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