Week 9 of Flower Mag Landrace

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Let’s goooooo cutting this gm beauty today!

Ran into all the problems!
Herms, heat issues, humidity issues, my light from spider farmer got water issues in places that should have been water proof. My light plugs melted and almost burned my tent!

To come from all that and see these nice buds is a blessing…

Can I get some love here guys? Likes, dislikes?

Questions? This is my third harvest but they’ve all been different.
1st auto purple lemonade (1 oz dried)
2nd auto Zkittles (3.2 oz dried)
3rd mag landrace photo (I’m thinking 5.2 oz dried)

What y’all think? I’ll post wet weight later today
Also listened to a professor from Utah say that 48 hours of darkness would not increase Turpines. It would not increase anything actually all that is done in the light, so I am taking this down at the end of the day.
Week 9 of flower mag landrace
Week 9 of flower mag landrace 2


Looks like a fine finish my'dude - Sounds like you learned a lot on the way, it was all an exercise! next run you'll be killin it! Right On!
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