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I’m in week 3 of flower. Everything is good, but I have this one weird plant that has been far slower than everyone else to develop and has these odd discoloured leaves that curve at the tip. I’ve gotten a runt gelato in the past, so I figure this might be a variant of that.

At this point I’ll just run it. It I’m curious if anyone has any insight into what’s up with it?


I’m pretty confident it’s not an excess or a deficiency. It’s first leaves had this weird cammo look. It was really slow to develop and all the other gelato are flourishing. This is likely genetic I think.

Could VERY well be genetics too! Just has that look but kinda don't look like mag def at the same time.. weird :D

Good luck hope it turns out ok!


Check the pH of your run-off. Maybe flush and adjust. Growing medium? rh, temp, nutes used, feeding and watering schedule, lights used, etc.?? This info will help us help you. Thanks, and good luck! 🤠
I’m pretty sure it’s not a water issue. There are 20 other plants on the same system doing just fine and it’s first real leaves from seed were like this.

Coco/perlite in autopots
RH 40-55
PH is running 5.8
Temps between low 60’s at night, high 70’s day
8x8 grow w/2x 630w CMH and two LED, about 2200W total for all 4 lights.
Dakine 420 nutes at 2.9 EC.
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