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Hello all

Welcome to check what is in LIPI garden atm, and what will be at the future :)

4 of Skunk #1 ladies were started improvised in 2x3 closet , and now they continue in 4x4 Mammoth Lite

so far they're suprising me i didnt take much care of them due to lack of time ..

balast used to be on wood.. not very safe


week later


on 11 feb i topped them , give them 3 days to recover and put them on flowering..


9 days of flowering here.


13 days of flowering . it stretched so i had closet half open few days :P


Then this friend came ... In last months , i renovated the whole upper floor of the house , and for now dedicated this room for him

Mammoth box came on 3march

in half of hour... tent was complete




after day or two i added 125 cfl to my 400 w to cover more area... i have no problems with heat ,so far , for next grow im making some improvements as adjust a wing ,
and some more fresh air for stronger steams and bigger buds.
for now in whole cycle i used only Sensi A+B for blooming.
i didnt use growth fertilizers for years , and would appreciate your suggestions.


day 19 of flower and 2 days in new environment.


and photo of bud taken yesterday , with hps off



and this is photo from today ,42 day of flower , i will make better photos when lights are off


They really started to fill up nicely now , so far it looks satisfying to me , considering all circumstances.

For now thats it , have a nice sunday all


Plants today at 42 day of flowering.


So far, 2 plants under 400hps are much fuller at lower branches, getting more penetration and more light

From 2 plants under cfl, I took off some sadly branches at 2nd or 3rd week of flo. that didnt get strong enough, and directed energy to bigger one.

Buds for now are exactly like skunk#1 buds suppose to be. Long white pistils which shows sativa heritage in it, and hard dense buds.


Have to say that in growth all plants i have looked identical the same, very stable genetic and its true, when I read it that is plant with very very stable genetics

I did 2 clones and they are definitly going outdoor this year

These days, i will make some defoliation and some other things, so next week update will be '' cleaner'' and easier to see.
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