Welcome To Our New Moderators

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Congratulations! Deep gratitude for what all of you are doing...

PS: Thanks again Rootbound, for taking the time to take a second look :)


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A few more welcomes are needed for our new staff members :)

@CrimsonEcho @1diesel1 @DismalDude
Didn’t I suggest those at one point? Lol. I’m pretty sure i suggested 4 of the 5 ;-)


Thanks for all the kind words @SmithsJunk @TerpyTyrone @Erick31876 @JWM2 .
Happy to be here and will do our best to help you guys have an immaculate forum experience :)
It wasn't just lip service. I've seen all you guys keeping up a constant presence answering the questions from new growers and directing them to resources. You were already doing the job of mods.

Just keep doing what you've been doing and don't knock yourself out with that gavel, hehe.
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