What’s going on with these leaves?

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I got two plants here. Each with different symptoms.

they’re 8 weeks into flower.
GH nutes
480w quantum board light
Humidity is around 35-40
Temps are usually around 26c/75-80f

one plant is getting purple botches. Otherwise it’s doing awesome

the other plant is a bit rougher. It’s turning yellow kind of. Not as dark green. Leaves kind of brittle. And these weird spots on some leaves. This plant is a re vegged plant that has a tiny aphid problem.

all plants are doing amazing and thriving except the one. Why? The aphids?


Just one answer eh

is this the wrong section?

is it a super hard question that no ones ever seen before?

or is this site just bunk and I should ask on rollitup??


Being that they are 8 weeks into flower it's probably just showing signs it's at the end of it's life cycle. If the bud looks healthy I wouldn't worry about it to much.
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