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Ok, so recently I did a no-no. I transplanted a plant that matured early against its sister. And I’m doing so I may have broken 25-30% of the roots.. after reporting I also may have over watered, because the next day I had droopy leaves, which I expected but NOT LIKE THIS! so naturally I did some research and figured I may have root rot.. and used the hydrogen peroxide method, fml. The leaves dropped more, and in new locations.. but the bud growth continued and I still haven’t changed the light cycle nor the kelvin of the lights.. so she started to reveg. This is where I took a step back. Noticing im doing to much here I let her sit for 3 days before I watered. the plant looked the same, but I noted new growth at the canopy. I changed the light cycle and bulbs (3000k) now she’s thriving some what, again the bud growth is very noticeable but the fan leaves have seemed to be sucked dry if it’s nutrients which is probably common since it needed all the water to rebuild and or distribute it to the buds.. so the issues are, wilting leaves, drooping leaves that won’t pop back up (it’s been 2 months) and dark leaves.. I’ll show my set up, and please keep in mind that I’m just a fan of growing this type of plant; so I wasn’t prepared when I first planted them, nor am I prepared now, but I’m using what I have around the house, here are some shots. Keep in mind there are two plants the one in the bucket is the one with the issues.View attachment 2114479View attachment 2114482View attachment 2114483View attachment 2114484View attachment 2114485View attachment 2114486View attachment 2114487

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